About Paymenex United Kingdom

Paymenex is a universal electronic alternative payments technology company that facilitates real time electronic payments between consumers and businesses, and provides platform for real time gross settlement (RTGS), inter-bank transfer, and frontline branchless banking for financial institutions and VARS providers worldwide through its advanced network –Paymenex TransNET. 

Paymenex mission is to manage a sustainable and low-cost global financial network for alternative payment and a frontline agency network for financial services to improve global financial inclusion and enhance customer experience.

And our values are:

Integrity - Our core value and relationship is built on trust and standard of integrity in our business operations.

Excellence - We exceed customers expectations through service excellence.

Passion - Drives us to do what we do best to empower people.

Agility - We are flexible to our customer’s needs.

Citizenship - We exercise corporate social responsibility.




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